1. Training Course/Workshops being conducted by ISTM, New Delhi during 2020-21
  2. Five days Training programme on Organisational Behaviour in Government from 11-15 May, 2020.
  3. Training Programme on Public Procurement for Government Officers for 2020-21 being conducted by NIFM, Faridabad
  4. Provision of HRD fund in the EFC for 2020-2025 as per ICAR HRM Policy: Training and Capacity Building.
  5. Office Memorandum-Revised Rate for Session Tea and Working Lunch
  6. Office Memorandum-Field/Exposure Visit as an integral part of Training programme for Skilled Support Staff
  7. General Points of consideration for Smooth Implementation of Training Functions
  8. Office memorandum(for ICAR-NAARM,Hyderabad)
  9. Office memorandum for Scientific staff
  10. Office memorandum-Technical staff